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"—Might have eaten all the ice cream. Sorry.

"Do me a massive favour because you’re a great best friend?”

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Chloe led her to where she had to clock out, having a quick word with one of the officers near to the front to explain. She wanted to ensure there was minimum trouble and fuss about it all. Otherwise, who knew what was going to happen. She sighed and rolled her eyes at the officer’s retort that she really shouldn’t, and should consider ‘minimum exposure’, a quick quip being returned about ‘he’ having shown much more people than her.

She soon walked back to Amy, smiling softly.

"You’ll see what I meant with that later, by the way. Don’t worry, it’s not anything bad. Otherwise that would have probably been quite obvious. I’m not good at lying. We need to get the tube so, this way, please."

She gave her another smile before she led her out of the building, ending up just outside the Tower of London.


Awkward eye contact ensures that she gives away the fact that she isn’t supposed to be there immediately, and it leaves her so far out of her comfort zone that she resorts to leaning against the wall, arms folded over her chest.

Even though she knows that the woman is trying her best, it doesn’t nothing to comfort her. But it seems, after the effort she’s put to not getting her arrested, she should at least have some respect reserved for her.


The smile she gives her is genuine, for once, and she follows obediently, careful to look dignified (as much as she can, anyway.)

"So— Odd question, but do you know where there’s any cafe’s ‘round here? I’m starving.

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The Angels Take Manhattan 1 Year Anniversary - 29th September 

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Briefly considers how much of an asshole I am



       “I’m gonna buy you a drink if you allow me to get a taxi.” The answer came pouring from her lips with such urgency and speed that it might have also been a part of the laughter itself—combined with a plea glinting within her eyes. God save the person who put her in the bus; she’d probably suffer enough to punch them every time they tried to calm her down. Inside the bus, it was always so crowded and every passenger was radiating so much heat—enough heat to compare the bus with a sauna, she’d say. Especially when it wasn’t exactly winter outside. They stank. They sweated, they groaned and they stank. She really didn’t like anything about taking the bus.


       “And c’mon——you can’t be that bad at dancing. It’s literally just humping each other while listening to mostly crappy music. Okay I mean—you can’t exactly hump anyone when you’re with Rory, but you know. Dancing requires little to no skills.”

       At least that was what she thought, what she’d learned so far. She wasn’t bad at dancing either——the ballet lessons she’d taken as a child had left their footprints on every move she made, but clubbing was easy. Especially when you looked good and usually everyone would agree on saying that Amy was. But in the end, Lilith would probably end up dancing with her fiery haired friend anyway. There was little fun about dancing with strangers when your best friend couldn’t.

       “You probably have to excuse, though. I’ve never been to topshop I think.” Which took her back to another awkward laugh. Most of her clothes were bought in very little shops or ordered online. Big stores had always made her feel a little lost and misplaced.

Just what she was hoping for. There was a tell-tale smirk as she didn’t exactly tell her that was her intention anyway. She was hardly the sort to give a free drink a miss, was she?

"Lil’, when you’ve seen me dance, you’ll take that back.”

No really, she was atrocious. If it got bad, and that meant bad, she would resort to doing the robot. The nineties were good for something. Even if that ‘something’ were ridiculous dance moves that could save her from a situation.

"Bet you ten quid.”

The temptation to place a cheeky bet was too much, she did it anyway, regardless of repercussions. It was a bit of fun. She rarely got that any more.

"Hey, you’ll like it. Bit posh."

Compared to the charity shops of Inverness, any retail store was a palace. It had been a while since she’d done some proper retail therapy anyway.

She was reserving all her saved money for a chance to splash it on ridiculously over priced items that resembled a PVC bin bag. But for her, it was the ability to feel smug at the price, whilst hanging it in the back of her wardrobe, for it to never see the light of day.

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meet the mun;


  • NAME:  Lorna (Rae if you wanna count the middle name)
  • ALIAS[ES]:  Lornargh, Rae
  • DATE OF BIRTH:  July 21st
    GENDER | SPECIES: Female
  • PLACE OF BIRTH:  Lanchashire, England
  • OCCUPATION:  Student
  • DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS:  Sometimes | Tried it | Nope
  • LIKE[S]:  Jumpers, cheesecake, James Franco
  • DISLIKE[S]:  Knobheads
  • FEAR[S]:  Heights, being alone
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS:  Bit of an ass. Sarcastic, kinda dorky, funny???

{ P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    EYE COLOUR: Uh, all sorts. Blue, green, brown, yellow-ish
  • HEIGHT:  5’6
  • TATTOOS:  None
  • PIERCINGS:  Ears, (im getting my nose done on saturday woooooo)

{ F A M I L Y   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • SIBLING[S]:  Two sisters
  • PARENT[S]:  Mother and Father
  • CHILDREN:  hahahahahahaha
  • PET[S]:  CHARLIE. (Cat.)

{ R E L A T I O N S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N }

  • SEXUAL PREFERENCE:  Heterosexual